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The Nature Tone on Welgrove Floor Lamp

The Nature Tone on Welgrove Floor Lamp – Welgrove floor lamp is a great choice for interior floor lamp. It brings both illumination and style to the room. The contemporary look is designed with various rippled wood or metal which show the shades with brilliant splash. Welgrove floor lamp also takes a place for striking areas in your home. The glow of chic is also got from the white paper that usually assures to the entire floor lamp and gets the eco friendly floor lamp which is energy efficient.Welgrove Floor Lamp Picture | The Nature Tone on Welgrove Floor Lamp

Welgrove Floor Lamp Picture | The Nature Tone on Welgrove Floor Lamp 3

Welgrove Floor Lamp at Home Territory

Welgrove floor lamp is best known because of the touch of the Paulownia wood for finishing. Besides the floor lamp, another supported thing is the wallpaper. You cannot choose the same color between the wallpaper and the floor lamp as it causes the dying color in the result. For example, if you choose brownie floor lamp and other lamps in your home, you don’t have to pick the brownie wallpaper. You may take something more cheerful and still has the harmony to the lamps. You may take the more cheerful and earth tone color, such as green, orange and yellow to create the summer effect into your home without adding other furniture. Wallpaper also takes cheaper price than the lighting system so you can play with it to support the appearance of your lighting system. For bringing such nature tone and atmosphere inside your home, you may choose the nature tone, such as shade of blue (colors of seaside), shade of green (wood and forest color), and shade of autumn (red, yellow, and orange). If you love those nature colors, you may take brown as the basic color of the nature tone and combine it with one nature tone that you love to apply.Welgrove Floor Lamp Picture | The Nature Tone on Welgrove Floor Lamp 4

Welgrove Floor Lamp PIcture | The Nature Tone on Welgrove Floor Lamp 2


Welgrove floor lamp increases the appearance of the nature tone. You are able to combine it with any one of color themes above as the wood accent matches perfectly into it.

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