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LED Track Lighting Kits

LED Track Lighting Kits – LED track lighting kits can be arranged along the track that has been installed before. The LED track lighting kits are used for highlighting and illuminating the dark area in certain space of a home. The ideal spaces for these lighting kits are shelving, artwork, and memorable prized. The junction box is used for supplying the energy or power through the track and the LED bulbs.LED Track Lighting Kits | LED Track Lighting Kits Picture

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Cable and LED Track Lighting Kits

When you need to install the new LED track lighting kits upon your old ones, you just have to do some following steps, they are: First is by cutting the circuit of power. For assuring that the power is just shut down, you have to use the power tester for testing the power. If the power is still on, you may recheck and cut the circuit for more. If you have trouble in doing this step, you are allowed to shut down all the power through the entire home. The second step is by removing the cover of glass. You can removing this cover by unscrewing all the screws around and put the cover right to the floor. The third one is by unscrewing all the bulbs and choosing which ones are still on. If you find broken or crack bulbs, you should throw them away and replace in new ones. The fourth is removing the existing fixtures on the ceiling. And then pull the fixtures down after unscrewing all of them. The fifth is by disconnecting all the wires by unscrewing the wire nuts around. The sixth is by screwing the plate into the junction box and connect all the wires with each color into it. The seventh is marking the certain point for creating the hole for installing the light fixtures above.LED Track Lighting Kits Picture | LED Track Lighting Kits 3

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The last step of installing the LED track lighting kits is by lifting up the track light and the fixtures and then screw them tightly.

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