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Clear Globe String Lights

Clear Globe String Lights – Clear globe string lights have the specification which is for making out the area becomes illuminated. Clear globe string lights are great for party, tent event and wedding. Great ambience of lighting is able to be produced by this unique light by spreading up the light. The unique shape and clear effect makes it different to the conventionl party light in common. They are easy to install and combine in three globe lights in one string, and that makes this clear globe is used for parties because of the ambience of the great illumination itself. This combination allows people to install them for residential and public hall altogether.

Clear Globe String Lights 2 | Clear Globe String Lights Bulbs

Clear Globe String Lights Bulbs

Clear Globe String Lights Black Wire

Clear Globe String Lights 3 | Clear Globe String Lights White

Clear Globe String Lights White

Pearl white bulb and white cord is one of the most wanted clear globe string lightsfor weddings. Why do people love to use this pearl white bulb for their wedding? The answer is because the wedding is traditionally related to the white. And then let me see that pearl is white and it brings good symbol for new couple. All of white wedding decoration will match perfectly to the pearl white globe light. Another bulb that has shiny finish is sating bulb. On the other hand, for more colorful look, you may choose the color shine bulb with shiny colors. The candelabra socket base is available for any type of the globe string light. That is why you have to recheck the content of the lighting fixtures as soon as you purchase them. 120 V outlet is already for the globe lighting.

Clear Globe String Lights 4 | Clear Globe String Lights Outdoor

Clear Globe String Lights Outdoor

Clear globe string lights are available in various sizes and color. You just have to see the dimeter of your ceiling and see which one of the globe light that is suitable for yours. Don’t forget to check the content before paying the bill.

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